Organic Grocery Store Owners
Expansion Advance to buy a new walk-in freezer

With an Expansion Advance, you can make improvements and grow your business quickly.

Expansion Advance: fast, flexible financing to grow your business

An Expansion Advance is a perfect fit for businesses that are looking for something faster than a traditional bank loan. We get you the expansion capital you need with minimal paperwork and a quick decision so that you can grow your business. We finance from $5,000 to $250,000 depending on the health of your business.

Every business is unique

Our customers may come from different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common—they need some help to keep expanding and growing. We've been successfully serving businesses and have developed the technology and systems to quickly evaluate your business. Go ahead and take the first step by applying with us. You'll then get a dedicated business banker that is ready to listen and help. You might be surprised at how much capital you could be tapping into.

Compared to typical bank loans, an Expansion Advance is the right choice.

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Qualify for an Expansion Advance

Who qualifies?

Businesses with strong performance, even owners with poor credit histories can be approved. Up to 60% of businesses in our core industries get approved.

Our application is short and sweet

Simple application process

Only a simple application + 3 months bank and/or credit card statements are needed, not the business plans banks require.

Personal collateral optional

Personal collateral optional

Pledge of only business assets in certain cases.

No hassle renewal process

Renewal is quick and easy

For members in good standing, the renewals process is quick and easy.

Get approved quickly

Faster approval

You'll receive a quote within 24 hours and money in your account as fast as 2 business days. Banks require 4–6 weeks on average.

You can still qualify with liens and bankruptcies

Tax liens or bankruptcies?

Tax liens up to $175,000 or open bankruptcies in the last year will not disqualify your business.

Small daily payments make it easier to pay

Smaller daily payments

Pay back your advance with small daily payments unlike the larger monthly payments required by banks.

Food Service Construction Retail Hospitality Automotive Repair Salons Entertainment

Hundreds of business types

We can provide financing to over 650 business types.


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